“Pets use their mouth in much the same way humans use their hands—to explore the world.” ~Sarah Carey

Dental health is very important to the well-being of your pet. Poor dental health can lead to many issues such as abscesses, broken teeth, kidney issues, heart issues, and of course bad breath. Dr. Amy Stone, chief of the UF Small Animal Hospital’s primary care and dentistry service says, “Oral health affects all other systems in the body and it’s a key component of the overall health and wellness for your pet.” (Carey, 2022) Any Spring Hill Veterinarian will agree that oral health is essential for your pet’s well-being.

At times owners do not realize the severity of their pet’s dental health until it is too late. With regular dental exams, you can prevent abscesses, periodontal disease, and the need for extractions due to infected teeth or a broken tooth. Our pets tend to play a little rough with their toys or chew on something that is damaging to their teeth causing the tooth to break. A Spring Hill Veterinarian will agree that a broken tooth can be painful for your pet and may require surgical extractions. This can prevent further dental disease progression. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, by the time pets are around three years old they will most likely have some evidence of early onset periodontal disease. Your Spring Hill Veterinarian will be happy to schedule an appointment for a dental exam to prevent this disease from progressing.

The month of February is dental health month and we offer a discount on dental procedures. Having a dental cleaning beforehand routinely ensures your pet’s dental health is satisfactory. Not to mention nobody likes to smell their pet’s bad breath. Don’t delay now and contact your Spring Hill Veterinarian to get your pet in for a dental for the month of February.

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